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Industrial Visit to Frontier Alloy Limited

An industrial visit was organised for BBA final year students on 3rd september2019 to FRONTIER ALLOY LIMITED Located in Kanpur Dehat – 209304 UP

The visit facilitated students not only in terms of knowledge but added great and memorable experiences

Some of the major observations include-

• The company provides employment to approximately 829 workers.

• ISO standards 9001 & 2015 applies.

• Time to time inspections are done to maintain the quality and reduce wastages.

• Inspection is carried out in 3 stages i.e. Preproduction inspection, during production inspection and post production inspection.

• Main Production Layout adopted is “Line Production”.

• Their recent big investment is in Automated Machineries, costing about 1.2 cr. each. There are total 20 such machines available at the present time.

• The company has also collaborated with McConway & Torley, USA for manufacturing of slackless Draw Bar BLC wagon.

• They have apt incentive programs for workers based upon their regularity in the workplace.

• CSR is complied along with other responsibilities.

Overall it was a fun filled learning experience that will go a long way with students and their mentors Mr.A.K.Pandey,Mr.Harsh Chawla,Mrs.Shraddha Agarwal and Ms.Amber Fatima.

Students not only gained in terms of knowledge and experience but received a very warm welcome and hospitality from the Company staff and came back with hearts filled with joy and hands with the gifts from the company owners. Special mention of Mrs.Shraddha Agarwal for arranging this visit and BBA coordinators Ms.Padmini Shukla and Mrs.Swati Dwivedi for their efforts in this regard.

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