This page contains links to various documents submitted to the NAAC in response to the DVV queries only.

Therefore, these documents do not contain the entire set of evidence submitted along with the SSR. 

The complete set of documents submitted with the SSR can be accessed on a page dedicated separately for SSR.

Following are the web links of selected supporting documents, evidences and files with additional information submitted in response to DVV queries only:

Criterion Number Web links
Extended profile 1.1 Provide appropriate link to the admission approval documents received from the university for assessment period. 
2.1 Provide the list of total full time teachers in block five years (Without repeat count) indicating the departmental affiliation during the assessment period authenticated by the Principal/competent authority.
2.2 Kindly provide the consolidated list of teaching staff / full time teachers year wise during the last five years, duly singed by competent authority.
3.1 Audited statement of income and expenditure duly certified by Finance Officer or CA including and excluding the salary component 

1.2.1Provide program duration, list of students enrolled (with signature of students), model certificates 

 1.2.2 Attendance Sheet & Certificates of students participated in various courses as per the DVV query.

1.3.2 Internship completion certificate/ project work completion certificate of selected students as per the DVV query  and report of the field visit/ sample photographs of the field visit/ permission letter from the competent authority.
1.4.1 Action Taken Report on Feedback  and Documents Showing the communication with the affiliating university.

Criterion-II 2.1.1 Document relating to sanction of intake and approved admission list program-wise from affiliating University/Government/statutory body 
2.1.2 Admission extract submitted to the state OBC, SC and ST cell 
2.2.1 Consolidated list of Full time Teacher &  Consolidated list of the students in last complete academic year, duly singed by competent authority
2.4.1 Sanction letters (in English) indicating number of posts (including Management sanctioned posts) by competent authority
2.4.2 List of faculty with highest degree should be provided as per academic session wise along with particulars of degree awarding university, subject and the year of award. as per the DVV query
2.6.3 Provide Certified report from Head of the institution / Controller of Examination of the affiliating university indicating pass percentage of  students of the final year (final semester) eligible for the degree program-wise / year-wise.
Criterion-III 3.1.1.  Provide Supportive Document Total Grants from Government and non-governmental agencies for research projects / endowments in the institution during the last five years
3.2.2 Brochure/Geo tagged Photograph with date and captions; title of the workshops / seminars conducted & Link to the detailed report for each program as in the template.
3.3.1 Link to the journal website and  URL of the content page in case print journal.
3.3.2. Provide Cover page, content page and first page of the selected publication and Web-link of books.
3.4.3 Provide Links / uploads of Photographs (preferably with banner) and any other supporting document of relevance should have proper captions and dates.
3.5.1 Provide List of activities conducted under each MoU along with dates of starting and completion year-wise signed by both parties.
Criterion-IV 4.1.2 Provide the consolidated fund allocation towards infrastructure augmentation facilities duly certified by Principal and CA & Highlight the relevant items in the audited income and expenditure statement
4.3.2 Provide The stock entry of computers allotted for student use to be highlighted.
4.4.1Provide audited income and expenditure statement highlighting the items of expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities, duly certified by Principal and CA.
Criterion-V 5.1.1 Provide Upload policy document of the HEI for award of Non government scholarship and freeships and  Upload sanction letter of scholarship and freeships (in English)
5.1.2 Provide Web-link to particular program/scheme/ Report of the event and Soft copy of Circular /Brochure.
5.1.3 Provide Soft copy of Circular / brochure / report of program with photographs with captions of such programs along with details of the resource persons.
5.1.4 Provide Proof of co nstitution of Internal committees / Grievances Committee formation / other committees as per UGC norms.
5.2.1 Provide Links/documents relating to placement cell such as brochures, tie-ups etc. and  Provide Upload supporting data for students who have joined for higher education in prescribed format for the assessment period.
5.2.2 Qualifying certificates of the  students as per the DVV query
5.3.1 Input edited as per the supporting documents, Participation / appreciation certificates and awards from regional / local / institutional levels should be avoided.
5.3.2 Provide Soft copy of circular/brochure indicating such kind of activities & List of events along with the list of participants and year wise signed by the Principal. as per the DVV query

6.2.2 Provide Annual e-governance report approved by Governing Council and  Institutional expenditure statements for the heads of e- governance implementation reflected in the audited statement.  

Link (i) Link (ii)

6.3.2 Provide Document for the percentage of teachers receiving financial support for conference attendance and professional membership fees over the past five years
6.3.3 Provide List of participating teaching and non-teaching staff as per the prescribed format year wise during the last five years &  Annual reports highlighting the programs undertaken by the teaching faculties and non-teaching staff. the years as per the DVV query & 
6.5.2 (A)  Provide Proceedings of meetings of IQAC and action taken report on feedback analysis

 (B)  Supporting document links to be provided as per the options selected as per the DVV query

Criterion-VII 7.1.2. Provide Link to the policy documents of the institution and  Bills for the purchase of equipment for the alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures, management of the various types of degradable and non-degradable waste, water conservation, Green campus initiatives, disabled-friendly, barrier free environment created under this metric
7.1.3. Provide  Policy document on environment and energy usage and  Action taken reports and achievement report as clean and Green campus initiatives.