Functions of IQAC:

The IQAC works with the belief that excellence and quality are not one-time goals but a continuous process. NAAC Accreditation process helps IQAC to set the benchmark for quality-enhancement and define the short-term and long-term goals of the institution.
The IQAC of the college performs the following functions-
  • It devises a work plan, coordinate and monitors the execution, remove the deficiencies in the system and take measures to achieve the objectives
  • Introduces new programs along with skill development courses to facilitate conducive teaching -learning environment.
  • Integrates and internalizes modern teaching methodologies and pedagogical techniques to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Facilitates justifiable access to and affordability of academic programs for diverse sections of society.
  • Organizes relevant and high-quality academic and research programs to foster holistic development.
  • Facilitates the exchange of research findings, fosters collaboration and networking with peer institutions nationally.
  • Reviews physical resources on regular basis and suggests up-gradation of infrastructure and facilities as and when required.
  • Ensures the adequacy, accuracy, and proper maintenance of support structures and services for the college community.
  • Ensures timely, effective, efficient, and progressive academic, administrative, and financial operations at college.
  • Makes all possible efforts to uphold the credibility, validity, and reliability of the assessment and evaluation processes
  • Therefore, Increasing the effective functioning of all systems is the major concern of the IQAC and the team works tirelessly to create an ecosystem to achieve its objectives.