Relevance of B.C.A: B.C.A. is oriented towards training the students in computer applications. Standard curriculum is structured to cover areas necessary to impart essential knowledge and skills towards career development in the existing environment.

In the contemporary Indian parlance the information technology industry generates innumerable job prospects both within and outside the computer industry. With the growth of export market and multinationals entering software industry, there are increasing openings in the fields of software development training, processing, multimedia building and maintaining hardware and software, desktop publishing and also the new growth areas of internet and E-commerce to name a few.

Teaching Methodology: Students will be provided with the detailed discussion in theory and practical aspects on the various areas through classroom lectures and computer labs, where students can explore their knowledge and develop various skills. They are given regular feedback through internal assessment, viva, presentation and projects. Workshops on latest technology, site visits and summer internship training are the integral part of the course.

Eligibility: 10+2 with Maths

Duration: The duration of the programme is 3 years divided in six semesters.





Course Name Course Name
Computer Fundamental &Problem solving Techniques Object Oriented Programming Using C++
C Programming Internet Technology and Web Design
Principle of Management Organization Behavior
Business Communication Financial Accounting & Management
Mathematics –I Mathematics II
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Office Automation Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of C++ Programming
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of C Programming  




Course Name Course Name
Python Programming Computer Graphics & Animation
Data Structure Using C & C++ Database Management System
Operating System Software Engineering
Digital Electronics & Computer Organization Optimization Techniques
Elements of Statistics Mathematics-III
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Python Computer Graphics &DBMS Laboratory
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of DS  



Semester 6th

Course Name Course Name
Knowledge Management Information & Cyber Security
Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design Internet Of Things
Computer Network E-Commerce
Numerical Methods Data Science and Machine Learning
Minor Project Major Project
Viva-Voice on Summer Training Presentation/Seminar based on Major Project
Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of