Alumni Association

The effectiveness of any institution depends on the role of various stake-holders. Jagran College is privileged to have its Alumni with strong loyalty to the institution, who are spread across the globe. AAJ (Alumni Association Jagran) formed in the year 2015 is an association of graduates of former students. Through this alumni association, the college is linked with its entire alumni community. The alumni association conducts alumni meet, every year. The first meeting of the Association was convened in 2015 in which the First Office Bearers of the Association were formally elected. These office bearers were entrusted with the responsibilities of carrying out the activities of the Association.

The Association stands as a special symbol of the endearing relationship between students and their alma mater and it continues to remain as the major interface between the college and the world. Besides helping the alumni in all possible ways, it also lends its support to the college to achieve its cherished goals, its vision and mission.

Glimpses of Alumni Meet

Prestigious Alumni

Alumni Speak