Mahendra Mohan Gupta

Chairman, Jagran Group & J.E.F.

Dear Students,

It is a matter of great pleasure for us to welcome you to Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, an institution aiming to facilitate a comprehensive learning environment for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes with sound moral values enabling them to grow up into well-disciplined, self-reliant and integrated citizens.

Your education is an asset that no one can take away from you, quality education will take you to places; the willingness to learn and the need to grow will help you to achieve your goals. Most people, especially students take a step back when the going gets tough, work harder and defeat the hurdles. All you need is a plan, a road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Today the future of education looks as promising as never before. Year 2020 was a golden year for the edutech sector. The college is committed to provide newer possibilities and innovative dimensions in learning. NEP-2020 has further accelerated the process with new avenues and models resulting into huge opportunity for growth and development.

Come, feel and enjoy the development of your personality and mental ability in the most conducive learning environment.

Wishing you the best for every step in your journey to chase your dreams.

Mahendra Mohan Gupta

Ritu Gupta

Vice Chairperson, JEF

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts- C.S. Lewis
Jagran College is unwavering in its commitment to provide quality education of global standards to the students who are about to step into the professional realm full of challenges and opportunities. While giving them room to spread their wings, we wish to set up an eco system that fosters the highest degree of values and encourages students to aspire for greater goals.
Introducing innovation and dexterity , we try our best to deliver holistic education to pave the way for the development of a versatile personality by striking a balance among academic, extra curricular and sports activities.
For making learning an amicable and enjoyable experience by implementing an integrated approach ,we strive to build the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual strengths so that our students are better equipped to deal with real-world challenges. We place great trust and allow freedom of expression to our pool of highly dedicated and motivated staff and faculty members who unfailingly offer our student the guidance, knowledge and emotional support they need to sail through the thickest of waters. The expertise of our staff is backed by our avant-garde facilities and state of art infrastructure. Jagran College has the most up-to-date tools and resources to facilitate quality education to our students. I am assured and confident that with the sincere efforts of our management committee, our dedicated faculty and with the enthusiasm of the students, Jagran College will continue to flourish and tread a spotless path to excellence and eminence in education and quality of life.

Dr. Asmita Dubey


Dear Students,
     Education is vital for human development and to a large extent overall development of a nation. With each passing year our literacy rate is rising and there is a huge diversification in educational structure and modes of learning from formal to professional and vocational and from offline to online.

If seeking is intense, knowing is not far way, therefore the challenge before teachers is to awaken the thirst for learning. With this mission and vision Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce is inspiring the ability to learn both in the teacher and the taught. The college has world class educational infrastructure and highly qualified faculty. The motto of the college is assured educational excellence right from under graduate to post graduate level through its comprehensive and updated educational programmes.

Our most coveted B.Com and M.Com courses help students to build a strong base for research and innovation. The prestigious BBA course is for those students who aspire for MBA. BBA also has a market value for employment. Our BCA course equips the students for computer programming and applications and also provides a strong foundation for MCA. The B.Sc. course with both Mathematics and Biology group to serve the growing needs of science scholars. We are coming up with yet another enterprising career option with the start of B.Com. (Hons.) from the up coming session. With a view to unfold hidden potential and develop multifaceted personality that help the aspirants in the world of work, the college lays special emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities, debates, quiz, creative writing, creative art, seminars and Intercollegiate fest ‘Kalanjali’ is organized in the college. It is indeed very satisfying that with the whole hearted support of the management and tireless efforts of the faculty members, the college is scaling new heights every year.

Dr. Asmita Dubey