Jagran college aims to set a benchmark through comprehensive learning environment in which the management, faculty, staff and students can explore, examine, preserve and disseminate the values, knowledge and wisdom which are prerequisite to ensure the upliftment of current and future generations.


Jagran College progressing with one vision and shared mission through determined beliefs, tireless efforts and improvements, has completed seventeen glorious years of excellence. Looking back to this journey of more than a decade is quite ameliorating, rewarding and gratifying. Jagran College has come a long way from where it once was by providing the students a learning that aims to empower them in finding best of both cultural and material achievements.

The college also aims to carry the torch of knowledge to the extreme edges where higher education is yet to blossom. With concerted efforts we are committed to awaken youth to “Learn, Discover, Share, and Create” and make the world a better place, to become thoughtful and help them discover their talent and abilities. Sharing knowledge and experiences, creating opportunities and enabling them to realize their dream is our mission.