Energy Management Cell

Energy and Management cell helps to set up deliberate programmes to raise awareness about responsible energy management and conservation. These programmes serve as a model for a
low-carbon, resource-efficient campus that exemplifies sustainable practices.

The Cell aims to achieve the following goals through the policy:

  • Introduce innovative technology to optimize the use of energy resources.
  • Encourage the efficient use of renewable energy sources.
  • Optimise the cost and usage of energy.
  • Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing.
  • Eliminate waste of energy by using good practices.
  • The Institution Energy
  • Audit/Management Cell oversees routine monitoring and
    follow-up protocols for efficient departmental implementation.
  • It provides instruction to academic staff, support staff, students, and housekeeping
    personnel to establish the Institute as a leader in energy conservation.
  • Encourage academic staff members to become Certified Energy Managers and
    Auditors. Encourage different societal segments to learn about energy conservation.
  • Encourage energy conservation goals in students and society through different energy drives in and off campus.
  • Review the Policy on a regular basis.


Mr. A.K Pandey
Dr. Reshma Rajani
Mrs. Mukta Anand
Mrs. Deepa Vohra
Mrs. Anamika Yadav
Dr. Amber Fatima
Mrs. Hema Mishra
Ms. Prerna Tripathi
Mr. Vikas Khare
Mr. Prashant Khare
Mrs. Shikha Tewari
Mr. Vikas Dwivedi
Dr. Nidhi Mathur
Mrs. Shruti Shukla
Ms. Akanksha Singh
Mr. Shashank Shekhar
Ms. Smriti Gupta
Mrs. Pooja Gupta
Mr. Ashwani Shukla
Mr. Devendra Singh
Mrs. Kirti Nigam
Santosh Singh(Electrician)
Govind Singh(Electrician)