Green campus and Environment Policy


Vision and Mission
Jagran College aspires a vision of positive societal change towards a more sustainable future. We are committed to practicing and maintaining high environmental standards by including UN Sustainable Development Goals in all its activities, including teaching, research and community engagement. The institution helps students to evolve into ecologically, environmentally and socially informed and responsible citizens. There are 17 active clubs each represented by an ambassador for creating awareness regarding sustainable development goals of UN. They work to protect the natural resources while ensuring sustainable lifestyle and development model through various curricular and extracurricular activities. We nurture a culture of social responsibility and sustainability and seek to create environmentally conscious generation that is capable of steering the world towards a more sustainable future is our mission.

The environment management system helps to integrate efficiency and environmental awareness into daily activities, allowing us to better understand our responsibility and commitment to the conservation and use of natural resources. Our college has tried to mainstream sustainable development goals within the curriculum and extracurricular activities. We focus on understanding real world issues, considering solutions, educating others and becoming advocates for the environment and inspiring students to take action and drive a positive change as to build a more risk-averse, resilient and sustainable society.

Environment Policy
The environmental policy of college is in-line with the vision and mission of college and aims to minimize the impact of its activities and operations on the environment and sustainably manage available resources. The policy statement highlights how the college will implement best environmental practices and promote sustainable, community-wide resource use on campus and beyond. Presents concepts, defines priority areas and methods for implementing, managing and evaluating the environmental plans. The aim is to reduce energy and raw material consumption, which could endanger sustainable economic development measures at the college level. This policy objectives are clearly defined and shared with the college’s staff, students and faculty and help to create a better environment for future authoritie.

COMMITTEE Faculty Incharge


Dr. Varsha Srivastava, Dr. Harshita Jaiswal, Mrs. Pooja Shukla, Mr. Sanjeev Nigam, Raju (Gardener), Inder (Gardener)


Mr. A.K Pandey, Dr. Reshma Rajani, Mrs. Mukta Anand, Mrs. Deepa Vohra, Mrs. Anamika Yadav, Dr. Amber Fatima, Mrs. Hema Mishra, Ms. Prerna Tripathi, Mr. Vikas Khare, Mr. Prashant Khare, Mrs. Shikha Tewari, Mr. Vikas Dwivedi, Dr. Nidhi Mathur, Mrs. Shruti Shukla, Ms. Akanksha Singh, Mr. Shashank Shekhar, Dr. Abha Saxena, Ms. Smriti Gupta, Mrs. Pooja Gupta, Mrs. Vineeta Yadav, Mr. Ashwani Shukla, Mr. Devendra Singh, Mrs. Kirti Nigam, Santosh Singh (Electrician)


Dr. Hema Rohra, Dr. Manisha Gupta, Dr. R.N Singh, Dr. Harsh Chawla, Dr. KVK Singh, Dr. Anshul Saxena, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Dr. Shalini Agarwal, Dr. Anamika Singh, Dr. Shubha Agarwal, Dr. Roopali Mishra, Dr. Vidushi Sharma, Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Dr. Usha Awasthi, Mr. Saurabh Bajpai, Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Mr. Vaibhav Dwivedi, Mrs. Neelanshi Trivedi, Dr. Jaya Shahi, Mr. Ishant Dwivedi, Mr. Prateek Arora, Mrs. Pooja Shukla, Mrs. Malti Nigam, Mrs. Shashi Prabha Mishra, Ms. Sanchita Bhattacharya, Mr. Govind Mishra, Mr. Ashwani Shukla, Mr. Devendra Singh, Mrs. Neha Dwivedi, Mr. Shivam Singh, Mr. Ramu Rajput,


Mrs. Padmini Shukla, Mrs. Anamika Srivastava, Dr. Swati Dwivedi, Mrs. Himani Kumar Maggo, Dr. Anju Sachan, Dr. Abhilasha Chowdhary, Ms. Sonal Verma, Dr. Aarti Katiyar, Ms. Kanika Bajaj, Ms. Arushi Yadav, Mr. Swatantra Bajpai, Ms. Debpriya Das, Ms. Rashi Bhardwaj


Mrs. Priya Arora, Mr. Nikhil Shukla, Mr. Anikait Kapoor, Mr. Ashim Kumar Das, Ms. Shivani Shukla