Guidelines/Code of Conduct for Students

Student code of conduct sets out the standard of conduct the college expects of its students so that everyone can undertake their studies in a supportive environment.


General Rules
Students must-
  • undertake their academic work with integrity & honesty.
  • maintain discipline in the college campus.
  • provide accurate personal details to the college & keep those details up to date.
  • comply with all lawful directives of the college officials including security personnel.
  • carry his/her student ID card while entering the college campus & produce the same when asked by the college officials.
  • not use cell phones or other electronic devices that disrupt the learning process during the lectures. Faculty members have the right to ask students to shut down any electronic device.
  • not enter the classroom late or leave the classroom prior to the end of the class, unless exceptional circumstances arise.
  • always demonstrate respectful behaviour towards their fellow students and towards members of the faculty & staff.
  • contribute to learning and the advancement of knowledge through honest, open and respectful discussion and debate of ideas.
  • work collaboratively and contribute equitably to group work, projects and other learning experiences.
  • maintain 75% attendance in the college which is compulsory as per the university norms.
  • use college property ,facilities & resources responsibly. Buildings and the campus should be kept neat & clean. Students should not deface or damage college property.
  • avoid engaging in bullying ,harassment or discriminatory behaviour including on social media.
  • adhere to the dress code of the college.
  • conserve electricity & water. Students must switch off lights & fans when leaving the classrooms, laboratories.

Regulations Relating to the College Library
  • Registration should be done to become a member and get the library card before using library facilities.
  • Library cards are non transferable .Students must not borrow materials using another person’s library card.
  • Every student must present a valid library card when borrowing books and produce it when asked to do so by a member of a library staff in the library premises.
  • Students must comply with the rules as to issue of books, period of issue, return dates and renewal conditions published on the college library’s premises.
  • Students are required to handle the books/journal very carefully, marking with pen, tearing the pages will be viewed very seriously. In such case reader shall be held responsible.
  • Study materials borrowed should be returned on or before the due date, if returned late overdue fine will be charged for the delayed period.
  • Students may be required to pay compensation for the replacement of lost or damaged library material.

Regulations Relating to the College Computer Lab
  • Students should not misuse computer facilities and resources ,including sending obscene or abusive messages, interfering with the work of another individual or interfering with the normal operating of the college’s computing system or network.
  • Students should not use, copy ,access, review, revise and transfer an electronic file, without authorisation for any purpose.
  • Students should not use another individual’s identification and password for any purpose.

Proctorial Board and Grievance Redressal Cell

The college has a Proctorial Board which helps in maintenance of sound discipline, law and order in the college campus and shall take full disciplinary action against any violation of the college code of conduct approved by the principal. The college has constituted Grievance Redressal Cell and Students Welfare Committee, which takes full care of the students. The students having any problem may freely approach directly to the principal/members of the committee for its redressal.

Ragging of students in any form is strictly prohibited. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of authorities, concerned students shall be given liberty to explain and if their explanation is not found satisfactory, the guilty students would be expelled from the college and FIR will be filed against them.

In compliance of the 2nd Amendment in UGC Regulation, it is mandatory for all the students and their parents to submit an online undertaking every academic year available at & www.

Members of Proctorial Board & Anti Ragging Cell
Chief Proctor :Dr. Hema Rohra9336228182
Members :Dr. Reshma Rajani
Mr. Harsh Chawla
Dr. R.N. Singh
Mr. Anshul Saxena
Dr. Gauri Singh Gaur
Dr. Shalini Agarwal
Mr. Nikhil Shukla
Mr. Prashant Khare
Mr. Virendra Sahu
Mr. Gaurav Sharma
Mr. Sanjeev Nigam

Scholarship from Social Welfare Department (Govt. of U.P)

EWS category students are entitled to apply for social welfare scholarship provided by the state government. They are advised to make an online application for social welfare scholarship through official website of the department. College office provides all necessary guidance and assistance in this process. Student may contact Mr. Sanjeev Nigam 8858326898 for any query or issues related to this.

Further information in this regard can be obtained from the Official Website of Social Welfare Department, U.P.