Jagran College has never lagged behind in being a dynamic and versatile institute to achieve academic excellence. Not limiting the lectures delivered through traditional class based learning, the college has implemented virtual learning infrastructure for maximum impact on student’s learning and success and to make it possible for them to learn at their own place and pace. Jagran college has collaborated with TCSiON a digital learning platform on the cloud to enable digital learning in a more systematized way. Teachers upload the videos and powerpoint presentations on their subject topics following up with small assessments and quizzes to facilitate a blend of realtime and online learning.

Our Online Learning program has helped us during the pandemic as well. When lockdown is in force, virtual learning has become the need of an hour. Committed teachers of Jagran college have been taking classes online via google classrooms, zoom meeting app, video lessons, powerpoint presentations to make sure that students are not deprived of their studies. Without putting the world on hold, the college is continuing its journey towards building the students for a better world.

Splendid Digitalized Library:

In view of online education based on web and for strengthening the educational capacity and building research capacity the college has registered with N-LIST in order to provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from college through servers installed at the INFLIBNET Centre.



Webinar on
Virtual teaching creativity Tools
Webinar on
Headwinds to India’s Economy
Growth Trajectory:
Current Challenges
And Future Possibilities…
Theory of Demand
By Dr. Hema Rohra
Research Methodology
By Dr. Reshma Rajani
How to Become Winner
By Mr. Anshul Saxena
Goodwill & its valuation
By Mr. Harsh Chawla
Rise and fall of Civilization
By Dr. Jitendra Singh
Introduction to String
By Mr. Ashutosh Shukla
Special Theory Of Relativity
By Mr. Prashant Khare
Introduction to Psychology
By Mr. Virendra Sahu
Introduction to Matrix
By Mr. Saurabh Bajpai
Morphology of Prawn
By Ms. Nilanshi Trivedi
Organisational Change
By Mrs. Shraddha Agarwal
Indian Contract Act
By Dr. Nidhi Gupta
Partial Differentiation
By Dr. Usha Awasthi
Practical Approach of Graphics
By Mr. Nikhil Shukla
Introduction to Simplex Method
By Ms. Hema Mishra
By Dr. Sweta Vyas
Capital Budgeting in Financial Management
By Ms. Padmini Shukla
Social Psychology
By Ms. Sonal Verma
Correlation nalysis
By Mr. Anshul Saxena
Interpersonal Behaviour
By Mrs. Mukta Anand
Golden Rules of Accounting
By Mrs. Deepa Vohra
Royalty Accounts
By Dr. K.V.K. Singh
Principles of Accounting
By Mr. Prakash Narayan Pandey
Boolean Expresssion & its Representation
By Mrs. Priya Arora
Core Marketing Concepts
By Dr. Rupali Mishra
By Dr. Gauri Singh
Forms of Poetry
By Dr. Anju Sachan
By Mrs. Swati Dwivedi
By Dr. Shubha Agarwal
Cash Book
By Mrs. Isha Gupa
India and Neighborhood
By Mr. Santosh Pandey
By Mrs. Anamika Srivastava
Interference of Light
By Dr. V. S. Kushwaha
Measures of Central Tendency
By Dr. Manisha Gupta
Accounting Procedure
By Mrs. Himani Maggo
Classifications of Plants
By Ms. Priyanka Pandey
By Mrs. Shikha Tiwari
Income Tax Law Overview
By Mrs. Isha Gupta
Importance of Business Environment
By Ms. Prerna Tripathi
Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization
By Dr. Shalini Agarwal
Fundamentals of Management
By Mrs. Shraddha Agarwal
Marketing Strategic Model
By Ms. Amber Fatima
Introduction to Group Theory
By Dr. Swati Srivastava
Probability Part-1
By Mr. A. K. Pandey
Probability Part-2
By Mr. A. K. Pandey
Probability Part-3
By Mr. A. K. Pandey
Indian Contract Act-1872
By Dr. R. N. Singh