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Annual Sports Meet 2023

“On the field, it isn’t about who you are, where you are from, and how long it has taken you to get there. Sports allow us all to dream a little.”

Sports not only develop a sense of friendliness and team spirit but also help develop physical toughness and mental health. It shapes the body, makes it strong and active. The three-day annual sports competition was inaugurated by Dr. JN Gupta, CEO of Jagran Education Foundation today at Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kanpur. While addressing the children, he said that sports not only nourish the body but also keep the mind healthy. It is vital in human development and growth.The program was presided over by Dr. Asmita Dubey ( Principal , Jagran College of Arts Science and Commerce) and the young participants were administered the oath of sportsmanship.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma , sports incharge and program coordinator welcomed the guests and supervised various events with expertise and dexterity.

In the 1500 meters men’s race, Prakhar Singh won first place, Dhruv Chopra stood at second, Sumit Singh Rathore third and in 1500 meters women’s race, Kamini Tiwari got first, Tanishka Gupta second, Dhatri Gupta got third place.

Dhruv Chopra, Sumit Rathore, Hardik Chawla in long jump men and Anya Singh, Kashish Somani, Sristi Singh got first, second and third place respectively in the women’s category.

But it wasn’t just about the games – it was about the spirit of competition, the camaraderie between teams, and the support of our fellow students. We witnessed some amazing examples of sportsmanship and teamwork, and we couldn’t be more proud of our college community.

What an incredible day it was at our college’s sports meet! The second and third day of the event was full of excitement and energy as our athletes gave it their all in every match. Sports meet ended with an energy and drama filled football tournament.

The second day of the sports meet was dedicated to outdoor Shot Put , Discus throw, Relay Race , Table Tennis , Chess and Many competitive sports activities. The teams had been practicing for months, and it was evident in the way they played. The matches were fiercely contested, with teams displaying great teamwork and athleticism. We were blown away by the level of talent on display and were proud to see our college represented so well.

Third day of sports meet was also special as Jagran Football Championship -2023 took place in its all glory. This tournament proved to be a ground-breaking one filled with drama, frustration, and excitement. Along with all of this, there was the magnificent spectacle of teams competing to advance and prove they were superior; the team which represented our college in Auriya Intercollegiate Football tournament was in white and it was undefeated thus far intercollegiate season’s opening game. Additionally, they had a string of clean sheets during the previous campaign. Early scoring included an ignatious first goal by Adi Verma (BA 3 Sem) for Blue Team with a beautiful header , in the final match against White Team goal was also scored Adi that led Blue Team towards victory. It was a very exciting and spectacular tournament in which students cheered from the sidelines.

At the end of Sports Meet , winners were awarded with trophies and medals. Dr. Asmita Dubey ( Principal, Jagran College) motivated the winners to achieve more in their career by rewarding them with certificates and medals. A big congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the sports meet. You are all champions in our eyes! And a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support the event and make it a huge success.

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