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National Seminar on ‘People and Politics’

On 2nd of April 2022, Department of History and Department of Political Science of the college organised a national-level seminar in Laxmi Devi Auditorium. The topic of the seminar was ‘People and Politics’. Seminar was inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and garlanding of the visionary founder members of the trust. Dr Jitendra Singh of History department introduced the topic. The keynote speaker and great historian Dr Saumya Gupta gave a new perspective towards history. She said that what is been visualized in olden times and whatever is written in the books is not the only history, it is something beyond that. She emphasized deconstructing the big words, to go through day-to-day history and to study the pages of subalterns to understand the history of an era or of an event in its fullest form. Dr Saumya quoted that after 1980, historians have opted broader framework of studies. The concept of micro history, history of below is now in trend. This has widened the scope of history.

Another chief speaker Dr A.K. Verma with his mesmerizing speech gave a very new vision for the world politics. He said that politics is an essential part of any society as it is a conflict resolution mechanism. That’s why when people say to keep politics away from the topics of national importance; they are demeaning the word politics. Truly, today what we call politics is anti-politics instead. It is neither elite nor democratic today. Quoting beautiful examples from European history and of leading philosopher Socrates, Dr. Verma said that best knowledge is when we know what we don’t know. He further stated that man is a mixture of good and bad qualities and so is society. To manage these two, at personal and at social level, norms, policies and rules are mandatory. The best rule or policy is to induce discipline in society as well as in personal life and the best way of getting disciplined is when we know how to fight with oneself (own demons’ qualities). Mr.Vaibhav Dwivedi from Department of Political Science delivered vote of thanks. A great number of research scholars, faculty members of the college and students of all the streams attended the seminar enthusiastically. The gracious presence of academicians from reputed colleges and the interactive session by the speakers with the audience made the seminar a great success.

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