1. Jagran College Prospectus

Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kanpur, is dedicated to fostering transparency and accessibility in its admission process, and this commitment is exemplified through the comprehensive prospectus released each session. The prospectus serves as an informative guide, providing prospective students with a transparent overview of the admission procedures, criteria, and requirements. It goes beyond just administrative details, offering a detailed glimpse into the wide spectrum of courses available and introducing the distinguished faculty members who form the backbone of academic excellence at the college. By presenting a clear and concise portrayal of the admission process and showcasing the diverse academic offerings. The College ensures that aspiring students can make informed decisions about their educational journey, reflecting the institution’s dedication to openness and integrity in its academic practices. The following are the links of the prospectus of the college for the last five sessions.

  1. 2022-23
  2. 2021-22
  3. 2020-21
  4. 2019-20
  5. 2018-19 (Links)
  1. Academic calendars of C.S.J.M. University, Kalyanpur, Kanpur and Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Saket Nagar Kanpur

Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce prepares its own academic calendar in the beginning of each academic session in accordance with the university calendar. The I.Q.A.C  is responsible for the planning of the academic calendar. The Academic calendar is judiciously structured to make maximum utilization of working days. The calendar is planned so as to include all the necessary aspects of teaching-learning activities. Details of holidays are also provided to help faculty plan their academic activities. Equal weightage is given to Co-curricular and extension activities along with national festivals, birth/death anniversaries and awareness programs. Please click the following link to see the academic calendars of the affiliating university and college for the last five sessions.

Academic Calendars of CSJM University, Kanpur (Link)

Academic Calendars of College  (Link)                          

  1. Commencement of classes/ Orientation of new students/ Internal Assessment/ Notices

Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kanpur, takes great pride in its proactive communication practices, particularly when it comes to ensuring that students, both new and returning, are well-informed about the commencement of classes and orientation programs. The college places a paramount emphasis on transparency and accessibility of information, leveraging various communication channels to circulate timely updates. Through official website announcements, WhatsApp groups of various classes, the college ensures that students receive clear and detailed information regarding the start of classes and orientation schedules. This commitment to transparent communication not only alleviates any uncertainties for students but also underscores the college’s dedication to fostering a supportive and well-informed academic community.                                        

The College stands firmly committed to the ethos of academic excellence and student’s development, as evidenced by its proactive approach to continuous assessment. Recognizing the importance of student’s progress throughout the academic year, the college places a strong emphasis on conducting regular Internal Assessment. These assessments serve as valuable checkpoints, enabling both students and faculty to evaluate comprehension, identify areas for improvement, and foster a culture of continuous learning. The commitment to this structured assessment approach underscores College’s dedication to maintaining high academic standards and ensuring that students receive comprehensive and ongoing feedback to support their educational journey.


Orientation Program and Internal Assessment 

  1. Links of Departmental TimeTables and Faculty wise Time Tables of the college

Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kanpur, stands out for its well-organized approach to academic scheduling. The institution prides itself on creating a comprehensive Departmental Time-Table that aligns seamlessly with the diverse curricular of the faculty of Arts, Science, Commerce, Management and Computer Application Programs. This Timetable serves as a foundational framework, ensuring a harmonious balance between various departments, subjects and classes.

This strategic methodology not only facilitates an efficient utilization of resources but also allows for a synchronized and structured academic experience for students across various disciplines. College’s dedication to meticulous planning contributes to a conducive learning environment, fostering a sense of order and clarity for both students and faculty.

Time Tables Link

  1. 2022-23
  2. 2021-22
  3. 2020-21
  4. 2019-20
  5. 2018-19 (Links)
  1. List of ICT tools used by faculty of the college

Jagran College stands at the forefront of modern education by integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools seamlessly into its teaching, learning, and assessment processes. The college recognizes the transformative potential of technology in enhancing the overall educational experience. In classrooms, faculty members utilize interactive presentations, multimedia resources, and online collaboration platforms to engage students actively in the learning process. Some of the faculty members share their lectures and content through their websites and YouTube channels.

The use of ICT tools also extends to assessments, where online platforms facilitate efficient and transparent evaluation processes. Online platforms such as Zoom meetings, Teaching Applications like Teachmint & Google classroom, Google forms are also used for the assessment process. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of teaching methods but also prepares students for the dynamic digital landscape of the future. College’s strategic embrace of ICT tools reflects its commitment to providing a contemporary and enriching educational environment that equips students with the skills necessary for success in the modern world. For detailed information regarding use of ICT in teaching learning and assessment, please click the following link.

ICT Tools – Link

  1. Details of Jagran College Library faculty users:

The College administration is dedicated to providing its faculty members with the best resources to enhance scholarly pursuits. To facilitate this commitment, the college ensures that the library  facility is readily available to the faculty. This invaluable resource offers a wide array of scholarly content, including books, journals, and databases, fostering a conducive environment for research and academic exploration. By making this facility accessible, the college administration demonstrates its proactive approach to supporting faculty members in their scholarly endeavors, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest research, contribute to academic discourse, and ultimately enrich the overall academic environment.

Library Used by Teachers

  1. Details of Old (Annual) and NEP syllabus of all courses running in the college

Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce Kanpur, is committed to ensuring transparency and accessibility in its academic processes. In line with this commitment, the college makes the syllabus of all courses readily available to its students through both WhatsApp groups and the institutional website. This strategic dissemination of information allows students to easily access and refer to the course outlines, providing them with a clear understanding of the curriculum expectations, learning objectives, and assessment criteria. By leveraging both digital platforms. College ensures that students have convenient access to essential academic information, promoting a collaborative and informed approach to their studies. This practice reflects the institution’s dedication to fostering an environment where students can engage effectively with their coursework and take an active role in their academic journey. Please see the links below for more details.

Old Course (Annual Scheme)

New Course (NEP-2020)

  1. Lecture Plans and Weekly Reports:

All the departments of Jagran College, Kanpur, exhibit a commendable commitment to effective teaching practices by diligently preparing lecture plans and weekly Reports, recognizing the significance of organized and well-structured lectures, each department takes the initiative to create comprehensive lesson plans. These documents serve as a roadmap for faculty members, outlining the topics to be covered, instructional strategies, and a timeline for the lectures. The planning ensures that the curriculum is covered in a timely manner, allowing for a systematic and thorough understanding of the subject matter. By emphasizing the creation of lecture plans and weekly Reports Jagran College reflects its dedication to delivering high-quality education and providing students with a structured and cohesive learning experience across various disciplines. This practice not only benefits faculty members in their teaching endeavors but also contributes to the overall academic success and satisfaction of the students.

Lecture Plans Link

Weekly Reports link