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Activity on Six Thinking Hats

UDAAN BBA Club organized an activity SIX THINKING HATS.Students explored and expressed various issues and their different dimensions on 12th Sep 2019. This involved rigorous hard work, team effort and research in the process of competing with each other. There were total nine teams comprising six members, representing six aspects of the topic symbolically using caps of Blue, green, white, yellow, black and red colours. Each colour represents a different type of thinking. It is a notion involving six imaginary hats to help with decision-making. Each hat signifies a role that each wearer has to play.Dr. ReshmaRajani, Dr. Manisha Gupta and Dr. K.V.K. Singh adjudged AishwaryaMotwani& team as winner, Shresth Agarwal & team as first runner up and AishwaryaGoswami& team and Ichchha Arora& team as tie for second runner up.

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