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Workshop on Chromatography

Science Department of Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce conducted a one day workshop on the topic CHROMATOGRAPHY on 28th April 2023. The workshop was open to students from various colleges of Kanpur, and it aimed to provide an understanding of the principles and techniques of chromatography. The workshop was a huge success, with a large number of attendees(Approx 150) praising it for being informative and interactive.

Dr.Vikas Dwivedi initiated the topic and gradually elaborated on the minute details with the help of a power point presentation. Participants were asked to solve a quiz at the end of the presentation to assess their understanding and help the presenter obtain feedback in order to discuss the difficulties during the practical session conducted immediately after the presentation. year students of Jagran college assisted their faculty members Mr. Swatantra and Dr.Vikas in demonstrating chromatography techniques to the participants.

The team made best of the efforts to unfold the concepts, types , instrumentation and applications of chromatography through a simple and easy way. Students were given hands-on training on various chromatography techniques and were able to observe and practice the techniques themselves.

The workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students. The workshop was a great success as it could realise the real meaning and purpose of NEP-2020 that aims to create an academic environment where sharing knowledge and skills, explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner with the prime objective of enlightening students. Appreciate the efforts of the entire science dept.!

Special mention for Mr. Prashant Khare, Asst Professor, Physics, Dr Vikas Dwivedi,Mr.Swatantra ,Asst Professors in the dept.of Chemistry and lab incharge Mr.Ashwani and Mr.Devendra for their tireless efforts and excellent job.

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