Nurturing the Future of Nation @ Health and Hygiene Drive

“How beautiful it is to be witness to a smile all genuine and the joy wriggling beneath it; .and to know that you’re the reason behind it getting carved is simply beyond the ambit of expression.”

Such heart stirring and vivid was the experience when Jagran students conducted interactive sessions at Jagriti, a teaching centre run by Bhavna Welfare Foundation for underprivileged and needy children at Juhi, Kanpur during a collaborative outreach program. In the first outreach program held on 19th March,2021, final year students of M.Com Pratiksha, Ruchi Sanu conducted a health and hygiene sensitization drive , keeping in mind the juncture of COVID pandemic. Importance of basic hygiene and hand sanitization and physical exercises was underlined by our students to keep those children who live in destitution, safe from bacterial and viral diseases rampant in present times.


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