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Guidelines: Code of Conduct for Students
Student is
  • supposed to maintain discipline in the college campus.
  • required to maintain 75% attendance in the college which is compulsory as per the University norms.
  • advised to keep his/her identity card with them always and should produce it if asked by any member of the staff.
  • shall not misbehave with any staff member and other employees of the college.
  • to park their vehicles in the college premises only at the designated places
  • not allowed to hold any meeting in the college campus without prior permission from the principal.
  • requested not to skip any classes, or loiter in the campus aimlessly during college hours.
  • not to associate with undesirable outside elements and should not invite them to the college campus.
  • not to misbehave with the other students and shall not involve themselves in any kind of ragging.
  • not supposed to spoil the walls, disfigure desk, furniture or floor or put unauthorised notices on blackboards or notice board, or stick posters without prior permission from the principal.
  • Requested to take permission of the faculty before leaving the classroom
  • required to switch off mobile phones during lectures
  • supposed to be decently dressed.